Tim Collins

I am originally from Manchester, but I now live near Oxford.

I've  published over one hundred books that have been translated into over forty languages.

These include series fiction like Sherlock Bones, Wimpy Vampire, Cosmic Colin, Dorkius Maximus and Monstrous Maud.

I have also written many stories for reluctant readers, and plenty of non-fiction for children and adults.

I have been lucky enough to win several awards such as Manchester Fiction City, The Lincolnshire Young People's Book Award and The Kalbacher Klapperschlange.


  1. Hi Tim, a child in my class has written a letter to you. I would love to be able to post it to you but I am finding a contact address difficult to find. Please could you let me know the best address to send it to.
    Many thanks, Mr Gary

    1. That's great news! The best address to send it to would be c/o Michael O'Mara Books, 9 Lion Yard, Tremadoc Road, London SW4 7NQ

      Thanks, Tim

  2. tim i'm lex and can you sent me information for my bookreport cous it's going over nurdius maximus

  3. This site has good info about the book, under it's original title Dorkius Maximus http://www.thebookbag.co.uk/reviews/index.php?title=Diary_Of_Dorkius_Maximus_by_Tim_Collins

  4. Dear Tim, my daughter has a question: why do you sometimes write under the name of Mr. Saddlewick? She has read some of your The Monter Mia and needs this information to make a presentation at school :) I am curious too :) Thank you very much for your answer! Best Regards

  5. Dear Tim, could I have your birthyear? I am including quotes from the (delightful) Slothbook in the Happinez daily calendar 2021 for which I write and they always include birthyears of the quote-sources. Lisette Thooft Dutch journalist mail@lisettethooft.nl

  6. wish year you born

  7. i love your book of the secret diary of the worlds worst knight

  8. Hello Tim, I'm a reader from China. My favorite is your Vampire Diary, which made me have a lot of fun in adolescence. Now that I'm an adult, I think of this book by chance. Although I know it's unrealistic, I want to ask the author if you have considered the idea of continuing Nigel's story, or if you have published a similar book but for some reason didn't publish it in our country. I hope I can read your book through some channels. Thank you very much.

  9. Thanks for getting in touch, I'm glad you love the book when you were younger. I would love to write more about the character one day, though I'm in the middle of another series at the moment.